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About our Home

Established in 1863, The Children’s Home (TCH) in Catonsville, Maryland, is a residential care facility that provides both long- and short-term services to youth 13 to 21 years of age who have experienced abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, and/or are in need of supervised care. Located less than a mile from Baltimore City, TCH provides services to children of every race, creed, color, and religion. We provide therapeutic programs where children feel secure, loved and have a sense of belonging.

The Home’s programs and activities provide an opportunity for the children to attend public schools, develop self-esteem, and experience trusting relationships with peers and adults. Our programs focus on enhancing each child’s ability to function successfully in society with attention to accountability and community safety.

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COVID-19 Message

From CEO Andre Cooper

The Children’s Home has been working to protect and promote the good health of our residents since 1863.  Right now, we are teaming with staff and community leaders to address the risk posed by COVID-19.

Here are some things you need to know:

  • All Children’s Home activities and events are cancelled/postponed.  The campus is closed to visitors and volunteers until further notice.
  • To minimize risk, we regularly screen our residents and staff for signs of illness, and have instructed residents and staff on safe hand-washing methods. These and other instructions have been published in accordance and submission with requests from our regulatory agencies.
  • Our staffing patterns have been adjusted to ensure adequate coverage and the safety of our residents, especially during the school closures.  On-campus visitation has been restricted to emergency and mental health service providers.
  • We are working diligently to meet the social, recreational, and academic programming needs of our youth and treatment families to make the best use of their down time.

We all agree that this can be a time of uncertainty, particularly for displaced youth and families. As such, in lieu of donating your physical time, please consider a financial donation to defray the extra costs associated with providing quality services to the vulnerable youth in our care during this time.

Andre Cooper