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Montez Case

1998 – 2021

Montez Case

Montez Case was and shall forever be, a dearly beloved son, family member and friend to many. He was affectionate and sincere, courteous, giving, polite to his peers and especially to his elders. He learned from his mistakes well, and with maturity he used them to fertilize his growth.  He was well respected in his community, largely because he led a life of respect and he offered respect open and willingly to all.

His competitive nature was honed by way of organized sports such as, football and boxing. Boxing however was the one that won his heart over. It helped him find a passionate fire deep within, that carried over into other fields of endeavors. As a member of Omega Psi Phi, Incorporated, Fraternity and the Elite SNF, boxing team, he embraced the building of brotherhood and the power of collectivism. He had coaches, trainers and mentors, thus it suited him perfectly to impart what he learned on younger team members and mentees.

His quality of attentiveness, work ethic, and attention to detail was stellar. He carried these essentials into practice and it edged him apart from anything satisfactory. This ultimately allowed him to excel in the fiercely competitive, disciplinary realm of amateur boxing.

His voice, his laugh, his text communications, his smile and his expected presence among us will be deeply missed. However the imprint he left etched in our souls, will undoubtedly last forever, and serve to blow much needed wind as inspiration into our sails, when we find ourselves at a stalemate atop still waters.

May Montez Case live forever, in and through all whom his life and his love has touched.

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