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Mytonia Newman

Keeping Her Legacy Alive

MyM Newmantonia Newman was born into a home of Christian, West Indian educators, and preparing food for family and friends quickly became part of her natural environment. Though she received her Master’s in Public Health and moved from private to government to nonprofit sectors in her work, she realized her true passion while cooking at events for friends and family on weekends. High praise for her cooking soon turned to high demand, and she realized her talents could be used in the business of catering and entertainment. Determined to follow her dreams, Mytonia founded her catering company, My New Cuisine, and turned her passion into purpose.

Although Mytonia loved her work as a renowned caterer and event planner, she also found joy in health ministry and serving her community. She soon realized that her purpose was truly about inspiring and encouraging others, and she threw herself into community projects and donated her time and resources to charities like The Children’s Home Holiday Giving Program, in which she helped with the gift drive for children each year.

On November 29, 2020, Mytonia lost her six-year battle with cancer and is survived by her husband Naeem and three children. So, in her honor, we are happy to partner with The Children’s Home.  In keeping her legacy of giving alive, we ask that you donate in honor of Mytonia and her commitment to service.

Mytonia recognized that the spirit of giving is both a gift to yourself and to others. It doesn’t matter your situation or what obstacles may be in your way—you should always find time to give back and encourage those you meet along the way. In one of her final interviews, she emboldened others with these words: “No more excuses. Get up and follow your dreams. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make.”

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For a child away from home, the holidays can be an especially tough time. In Mytonia’s memory, we are asking for your help to make this a season of delight and celebration for the kids in our care.  The Home’s Holiday Giving Program assists us in providing gifts and/or activities for the many boys and girls who call The Children’s Home their home.  Please consider making a direct financial donation.  This helps to cover extra activities and gifts, especially for those kids who come to us just days before the holiday.  It also allows The Children’s Home to allocate funds to where they are really needed.

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