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Daria’s Story


Daria, age 14, arrived in November 2020 with a complicated history of trauma, truancy and substance abuse.  In her short time thus far in our Diagnostic Center, she has gone from angry and aggressive to engaged and content.  Daria has been making progress with her therapist, and attends school every day.

Andy’s Story

Andy 1

Andy, age 17, entered our Shelter Program in April 2020, after serving 2 months in a detention program. Eventually his positive behaviors and self-advocacy earned him a spot in our High-Intensity Transitions Program. While there, Andy engaged regularly with Children’s Home staff, focusing his energy on achieving his treatment goals and meeting program requirements.

We are excited to report that in November 2020, Andy met all his targets and was able to return to his adoptive mother’s home. We expect to see good things from his young man.

Bailey’s Story


Bailey came into our Treatment Foster Care program at 16 years old, with a family history of substance abuse and violence. She’s been in our care for 4 years, and in that time she’s thrived. Described as “sassy” by her case manager, Bailey graduated high school, holds a full-time job, and plans to continue living with her foster parents after she turns 21. She now calls them Mom & Dad.

Names have been changed to protect the identities of the kids in our care.

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