New Adventures Summer Camp

The end of the school year for The Children’s Home residents doesn’t have to mean the end of an active and educational schedule. Every year The Children’s Home hosts an educational and enjoyable 11-week summer camp experience for kids in our care. The activities offered cultivate life and social skills in imaginative and insightful ways that make the most of the warm summer months.

We plan camp activities to keep the kids moving and healthy; weight lifting, swimming, gardening, hiking, horseback riding, and team sports are the most popular.  Campers also participate in various interactive projects on topics like nutrition, drug education, and budgeting.  To keep all safe and healthy, most activities take place on our beautiful 44-acre campus in Catonsville, Maryland, with occasional COVID-19 safe field trips.

At the same time, The Children’s Home conducts a Summer Youth Employment Program. Hosted in conjunction with the Baltimore County Department of Economic and Workforce Development, select TCH residents participate in a six-week employment program focused on job skill development while earning a salary.  We also host workshops to introduce interview and resume writing techniques, conduct discussions on soft-skills, and connect participants with mentors and leaders.

Overall, the purpose of The Children’s Home summer programming is to strengthen campers’ self-confidence and core values. We empower campers by emphasizing healthy choices, positive decision-making, and sustainable coping skills in a comfortable environment.  These lessons can be applied across a lifetime.

Won’t you help send a kid to camp?